A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Magnet Mechs is a light-hearted mech simulation where you must carefully manoeuvre your mech around the levels in order to collect Rescue Pods and take them to safety.


  • A temperamental mech with awkward controls
  • Three levels of survivor pod rescuing calmness
  • A radar to help find survivors
  • An annoying little professor to show you the ropes
  • A menu with some options to make the camera marginally less annoying

Everything was made solo during a two-week game jam, so it's a bit janky, but please check it out if this kind of thing interests you.

Updated December 6th 2021: Settings for mouse sensitivity and axis inversion were added to the pause menu and a better default sensitivity was set. Press 'Esc' to open the pause menu during gameplay. The Mech Jam II files have been disabled, as there are no other differences.

Mech Jam II

This was made over two weeks for Mech Jam II. I got really carried away with this and spent waaay too much time on it. I'd just started learning Godot engine a week earlier when I used it in the Stop Waiting for Godot jam and was still feeling like I wanted to make tons of games. Everything in the game was made during the jam, although I spent a couple of days figuring out how to do IK in Godot with some experiments before the jam, because I knew I'd need that knowledge.

In hindsight, the game isn't particularly fun because I wasted too much time working on assets, such as the buildings in the environment, title menu etc. and not concentrating on the important parts like controls, gimmicks and stage design. Still, it was really about learning how to use Godot and seeing what I could do with its 3D features in a game jam, and on that front it's been a success, and very rewarding.

On Godot

This was the second jam I tried with Godot, and although I could probably have made the same thing with Unity or Unreal, I don't think I would have enjoyed the process as much as I have with Godot, and perhaps wouldn't have been quite as productive despite having more experience with both engines (although less so for Unity 2020+).

I really like how little friction I notice when working with Godot, as the engine loads projects quickly, and it plays nicely with GIT, so you needn't close the editor to commit or push work. Godot also has very good documentation, so even though I had to learn a ton of stuff in a short space of time, it was fairly painless to look stuff up, and the built-in help system in the editor is very handy too.

Unreal and Unity are amazing tools, but for game jams and prototypes I'm really digging Godot and will definitely use it again in the future. Everyone should try at least one game jam with Godot :P

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags3D, Godot, Mechs, Singleplayer, toon


MagnetMechs_MouseFix.zip 25 MB
MagnetMechs_MouseFix_Linux.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Simply extract the two files contained in the archive to a location on your computer and run the .exe to play the game.

Linux: I have provided a Linux build, but I don't have a linux system to test it on, so it may or may not work. These are just the files Godot exported.

I was unable to make a Mac build. Sorry :/

NOTE: The game only partially supports controllers, so you will need to use mouse and keyboard in the menus at least. Zoom in/out is also not implemented on the controller. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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Hey, I just tried installing this from itch.io’s launcher on linux, and it doesn’t recognizes any downloads for linux, so it doesn’t give me any options. Maybe all that is missing is clicking the “Linux” icon beside the executable, like this:

Ah, I think you may be right. I've enabled that checkbox for the Windows and Linux builds, so let me know if it still doesn't appear for you. I wasn't aware of the launcher, so I've not tried using it before, but I guess I'll look into it. If the launcher still doesn't work, you should be able to download it in a web browser.

It worked! I’ll try to play it today after work! And yeah, I usually just download directly from the site, but decided to give the launcher a spin.

Such an awesome game! I had fun playing tho. Good job.

Thanks! I still haven't gone back to fix the camera and controls, but I'm happy you enjoyed it.