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Deathmatch Dimension is a ten map single-player episode of classic Quake goodness, inspired by the deathmatch maps that shipped with the original game. Each map has been lovingly rebuilt from the ground up for intense combat with Quake's familiar bestiary, and can be played as a full episode in sequence, or by starting with the shotgun for an extra challenge.

Note: Deathmatch Dimension requires the game Quake to play. You can buy it on Steam here. It is also available on other popular store fronts, and to Game Pass subscribers.


The story follows the adventures of Dave the Quake Marine, as he travels in search of the perfect place to set up his easel and do some painting. However, things do not always go according to plan...


start - Deathmatch Dimension
Original level

dmd1 - It Begins with Two Deaths
Inspired by dm1, by Tim Willits

dmd2 - Hemophobopolis
Inspired by dm2, by American McGee

dmd3 - The Occupied Base
Inspired by dm3, by John Romero

dmd4 - The Bad Palace
Inspired by dm4, by American McGee

dmd5 - Round the U-Bend
Inspired by dm5, by Tim Willits

dmd6 - The Dark Portal
Inspired by dm6, by Tim Willits

dmd7 - Geophobia
Inspired by dm7 (remaster dm8), by American McGee and David Namaksy

dmd8 - The Edge of Oblivion
Inspired by q2dm1 (remaster dm7), by Tim Willits

dmd9 - Sludge Refinery (Secret Level)
Original level


This episode was originally started all the way back in 2006 when I released a map called dm3rmx for the 10th anniversary of Quake's release during an online event called QExpo. The map was a single player remix of dm3, the largest of the original game's deathmatch levels.

I didn't initially plan to make a full episode of deathmatch remixes, but later released two more levels (dm5rmx and dm7rmx) in 2012 and one more (dm6rmx) in 2018, which made me feel like I should do all of them, but I didn't have the time or motivation back then.

It wasn't until late 2022 that I finally decided to finish the episode, and began spending a very unhealthy amount of time in front of my computer in the evenings and on weekends trying to meet self-imposed deadlines. This time was spent making the rest of the levels (six of them), as well as doing a polish pass on the maps I had previously released. Bear in mind that my day job is quite similar to this hobby, so I was trying to not get burned out and had to take time off occasionally!

The episode was quite a bit more work than I had bargained for in the end, but I'm glad I finally completed. I never even intended to make a map based on q2dm1, but since it was included in the remaster, it felt wrong to omit it. The secret level (dmd9) was also not something I was going to include, but since it was somewhat related, and I had the scrap on my disk drive for a while I decided to finish it too.

Although I realise that there are things in the maps that could be improved, I'm happy with the release as it is, since a reliable way to be miserable is to chase perfection and never release anything and never move on with projects. Hopefully now that Deathmatch Dimension is finished and released, I will feel like working on other projects again.


1.01 - Fix major progression bug in dmd4 skill 2 (due to minor last minute tweaking!)

1.02 - Fix visually unpleasant bar sticking out into lift shaft in dmd2 (due to last minute tweaking)

1.03 - Fix small a couple of issues with shamblers on dmd4 on easy, as well as a similar issue with a scrag in dmd1.

1.04 - Very tiny fix to DMD8 geometry, as well as a minor lighting tweak. This was done before making the modifications to the remaster versions of the maps.

CategoryGame mod
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TagsCo-op, deathmatch, episode, FPS, quake, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


Deathmatch Dimension 28 MB
Custom texture assets for mappers 734 kB

Install instructions

Where you install Deathmatch Dimension depends on which version of Quake you would like to install it with.

If you have a standalone installation of Quake, you will need to make sure that you are using a modern Quake source port that supports maps with expanded map limits. I recommend Ironwail (compatible with more computers, has more features) or vkQuake (built on Vulcan).

Extract the dmd folder to your Quake directory so that it looks something like

Open the console (press shift+esc, or ~) and type 'game dmd'. The mod should be enabled, and you will be able to start a new game from the main menu and begin on the Deathmatch Dimension start map. Alternatively, you can type 'map start' at the console.

Steam Remastered Version
Add-Ons Menu Installation: Deathmatch Dimension is now an official mod that can be downloaded directly from the Add-Ons menu in the remaster release. Simply open the Add-Ons menu from the main menu, select and download Deathmatch Dimension, and then hit the Activate button to activate the mod and be able to start playing.

Manual Installation: If you are using the Steam remastered release, mods will be installed in a different folder. Extract the dmd folder to
C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Saved Games\Nightdive Studios\Quake\dmd

Launch the game from Steam, open the console (press shift+esc, or ~) and type 'game dmd'. You will then be able to start a new game from the main menu.

Steam Standard Edition
The original Steam Quake release is unsupported. Please set up a standalone installation using the data files in the Steam release. This is most easily accomplished by installing Ironwail, which can automatically copy the data from a Steam installation. From there, follow the above installation instructions for standalone.

Ironwail and Engines Supporting the Community Mod Server
If you are using Ironwail, or any other engine that has a Mods entry in the main menu and uses the community mod server then you can download and install Deathmatch Dimension directly from within the engine by selecting the "dmd ... Deathmatch Dimension" entry in order to download and activate the mod.

Note about thantex_wad.zip
The file thantex_wad.zip is a zip containing a .wad format with most of the custom textures I've used in Deathmatch Dimensions. You don't need to download this file, but if you would like to use any textures from Deathmatch Dimension in your own maps, getting this file is probably easier than extracting the textures from the separate maps.

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